Listopad 2013

Mix fotek

29. listopadu 2013 v 18:58 | Barbarka |  Obrázky

Chci jeho nohy!!!

29. listopadu 2013 v 18:41 | Barbarka |  Harry Styles

Our Moment

29. listopadu 2013 v 18:31 | Barbarka |  Videa

Magazine Event

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Krásné fotky :)

Where We Are Tour červen-červenec

24. listopadu 2013 v 22:03 | Barbarka |  Fakta
1.6 UK
3.6 UK
6.6. UK
7.6. UK
8.6. UK

Where We Are Tour duben-květen

24. listopadu 2013 v 21:56 | Barbarka |  Fakta
25.4. Kolumbie
27.4. Peru
29.4. Paraguay
30.4. Chile

Where We Are Tour srpen-září-říjen

24. listopadu 2013 v 21:47 | Barbarka |  Fakta
1.8. Toronto
4.8. New Jersey
7.8. Boston
11.8. Washington D.C.

Zayn venčil svého psa

24. listopadu 2013 v 21:25 | Barbarka |  Zayn Malik
To jsem netušila, že má Zayn tohodle psa :D (včera 23.11.)

Midnight Memories

24. listopadu 2013 v 13:51 | Barbarka |  Lyrics

1, 2, 3...

Straight off the plane to a new hotel
Just touched down you could never tell
Big house party with a crowded kitchen
People talk shit but we don't listen

Something Great

24. listopadu 2013 v 13:48 | Barbarka |  Lyrics
One day you'll come into my world and say it all
You say we'll be together even when you're lost
One day you'll say these words
I thought but never said
You say we're better off together in our bed

Right Now

24. listopadu 2013 v 13:46 | Barbarka |  Lyrics
Lights go down
And the night is calling to me, yeah
I hear voices singing songs in the street
And I know

That we won't be going home
For so long, for so long
But I know that I won't be on my own, yeah
I love this feeling and

Does He Know?

24. listopadu 2013 v 13:44 | Barbarka |  Lyrics
He knows about you in every way
He's memorized every part of your face
Inside and out, baby, head to toe
Yeah, he knows everything there is to know

Your secret tattoo, the way you change moods
The songs that you sing when you're all alone
Your favorite band, the way that you dance
Baby, baby

Better Than Words

24. listopadu 2013 v 13:41 | Barbarka |  Lyrics
Better than words
More than a feeling
Crazy in love
Dancing on the ceiling

Everytime we touch
I'm all shook up
You make me wanna..
How deep is your love
God only knows, baby

Half a Heart

24. listopadu 2013 v 13:39 | Barbarka |  Lyrics
So your friends' been telling me
You've been sleeping with my sweater
And that you can't stop missing me
Bet my friends' been telling you
I'm not doing much better
Because I'm missing half of me


24. listopadu 2013 v 13:36 | Barbarka |  Lyrics
You don't understand, you don't understand
What you do to me when you hold his hand.
We were meant to be but a twist of fate
Made it so you had to walk away.

Cause we're on fire.
We are on fire.
We're on fire now.
Yeah, we're on fire.
We are on fire.
We're on fire now.


24. listopadu 2013 v 13:34 | Barbarka |  Lyrics
My mother told me
I should go and get some therapy
I asked the doctor
Can you find out what is wrong with me
I don't know
Why I wanna be with every girl I meet
I can't control it
Yeah, I know it's taking over me
I'm going crazy
Can't contain it
So tell me just what I should do


24. listopadu 2013 v 13:30 | Barbarka |  Lyrics
My hands, your hands,
Tied up like two ships.
Drifting, weightless,
Waves try to break it.
I'd do anything to save it,
Why is it so hard to save it?

My heart, your heart, sit tight like book ends,
Pages between us, written with no ints.
So many words we're not saying.
Don't want to wait till it's gone.
You make me strong.

Little White Lies

24. listopadu 2013 v 13:06 | Barbarka |  Lyrics
If this room was burning
I wouldn't even notice
'Cause you've been taking up my mind
With your, little white lies, little white lies

You say it's getting late, it's getting late
And you don't know if you can stay, if you can stay
But you, you don't tell the truth
No, you, you like playing games

Little Black Dress

24. listopadu 2013 v 13:02 | Barbarka |  Lyrics
Little black dress
Just walked into the room
Makin' heads turn
Can't stop looking at you
It's so right
It's so right
It's so right you know

Little black dress
Did you come here alone?
It's too late, it's too late
It's too late to go home